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Order your perfect black bathing suit online at Marlies Dekkers. We offer strapless bathing suits, padded bathing suits and unwired bathing suits, up to cup size F. You will surely find best shape for your body type!
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    plunge balcony bathing suit
    € 199,95

    with a swimwear set

    with a swimwear set

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Swimsuits are hot!

The swimsuit is back on trend and we all want to have one this Summer. Whether you’re young or old, the swimsuit is the must have for the season and is perfect for all body types. Whether you want to spend days on the beach, work out in the pool or just look fabulous by wearing it with a pair of jeans on a festival: the black swimsuit is perfect for the occasion. Buy yours now and don’t just be on trend this season, but also get one with a perfect fit. Isn’t that everything we’re looking for in a swimsuit?

A black swimsuit for all body types

Do you prefer wearing black at all times, and are you endlessly looking for a swimsuit to fit your style? Don’t look any further, because we have got the perfect one for you! Find your black swimsuit in the swimwear collection of marlies|dekkers.
During every season you can find a broad range of swimsuits in our swimwear collection, suitable for all sizes, body types and personal styles. We design our swimsuits to make you feel comfortable, confident and sexy. We want to bring out your female curves and make them look their very best. We use pleads, folds and stripes to make our swimsuits follow the shape of your body and accentuate wherever it is necessary. They bring out your timeless beauty ánd give you the support you’re used to.
If you’re looking for a classic black swimsuit, have a look at our Holi Vintage black and gold swimsuit. This gorgeous black swimsuit is has golden thread to reflect the light and makes your skin look tanned. It is available in a broad range of sizes and is flattering for all body types, whether you’re looking for a plussize swimsuit or an extra small. Are you looking for a swimsuit with a print or brighter colours? Whether you are looking for a stylish, on trend, timeless, classic or seductive swimsuit, just check our swimwear category and you will definitely be able to find the one that suits you best.

A black swimsuit in your favourite style

Do you already know exactly what style of swimsuit you’re looking for? Find your favourite style via the search bar at the top of our website. We will show you all products related to the style you’re looking for, so that you a have a direct overview of our offer. Haven’t found the right one yet? You can also use the filter navigation on the left side of the category to filter on colour, size, collection or price. You will find the swimsuit you’re looking for in no time!
In our webshop you can easily order your black swimsuit and have it delivered to your home in only a few days! Already experienced with our brand? You probably already know your size and can immediately order the right one. Not sure? Use our fitting room to take you measurements or order multiple sizes, try them on at home and find the one that is perfect for you. If the size isn’t perfect, you can easily return it within our 30 day return period.