Transform yourself into a sensual predator with my hot-blooded Femme Fatale collection! Beautifully embossed faux leather in a saturated burgundy shade reminds you of the power of unbridled passion. Slip into this gorgeous set and let the bold, woven straps with polished brass rings adorn your curves. Dare to seduce!

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Our Femme Fatale is a collection like no other, with a unique leather-look design and an embossed pattern. A lot of precision goes into this collection: to create the embossed pattern in the leather-look fabric, the exact right temperature and time is required; leave it on for too long or with a too high temperature and the fabric will burn, but leave it on too short or too cold and the pattern won't be clearly visible. Creating the same unique pattern on the woven shoulder straps will take our team a full day to prepare, by attaching each and every single string of yarn to the machine by hand.

it’s all about the details

style femme fatale bordeaux lingerie fw18

golden details

Gold colored metal rings and sliders give this collection an extra sexy look.

style femme fatale bordeaux lingerie fw18

Beautiful Bordeaux of matching straps

This beautiful bordeaux color is the perfect edition to your Fall and Winter wardrobe.

style femme fatale bordeaux lingerie fw18

Embossed leather look

The embossing in the leather adds the right amount of edge to your look.

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style femme fatale bordeaux lingerie fw18