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My Gloria collection is designed for ladies taking the lead. I was inspired by the female gangster movie “Gloria”. A groundbreaking piece of art in the history of film and feminism. I remember watching this movie as a young woman. I can still feel the satisfaction of finally seeing a female lead (Gena Rowland) portrayed as strong and dominant, instead of dependent and obedient.

For this collection I linked Gloria’s strength to the concept of power suits. In my design I translated this into powerful pinstripe patterns and macho suspender straps. Wear my Gloria to release your inner alfa!

it’s all about the details

Signature Gloria Black Pinstripe

suspender straps

Gorgeous bindings and macho suspender straps give this collection its character.

Signature Gloria Black Pinstripe bra

powerful junction

Adding to the strong appearance of the lingerie are the leather look juctions.

Signature Gloria Black Pinstripe

pinstripe perfection

Inspired by the female gangster movie "Gloria". Gloria's strength was linked to the concept of power suits and translated into a pinstripe pattern.

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Signature Gloria Black Pinstripe details

Picture this…. A hotel room in Rome, 25 degrees Celsius. He hasn’t spoken yet. So you hit him again, harder this time. And again. You’re wearing a pinstriped suit with a push up bra. Garter belt. Heels. He is tied up and blindfolded. Sways on his chair, but doesn’t fall. Refuses to fall. You rip open his expensive handmade shirt, smell his animal scent, and something inside your stirs. That’s it, you will break him. Now! You start punching him the stomach, hard, fast, and relentless. Then, his face. You’re both breathing hard now. He’ll never give in. He’s like a rock. In a way, you respect him for that. It makes him desirable.

You take a deep breath. “You know what happens next,” you say. You take a sip of whiskey. Point your gun at him. And then, in one swift move, you pull off his blindfold. As you stare each other in the eyes, you point your gun at him again. This is what you were hired to do. He doesn’t look surprised. The tension rises, becomes unbearable. There is a second of doubt, then you pound on him. You rip off your jacket and straddle him. When you kiss each other hungrily, like animals, you can taste his blood.

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