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    push up bra
    This ivory padded push up bra puts your breasts in the spotlights. The eye-catching play of lines adorning the top of the cups refer to the glorious Notre-Dame Cathedral, resulting in a similar gracious and elegant décolleté. Padding gives you extra support. Small cushions and closely fitted wires give you a deep cleavage. Choose this shape for a very sexy and dazzling décolleté.
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White bra

Wear a white or ivory bra and embrace your inner goddess. Greek goddesses adorned themselves in white, it emphasizes your natural beauty. That is the reason women choose to wear white lingerie at their wedding. Show that you are aware of yourself with a white bra.

White lingerie designer Marlies Dekkers has one goal when making a piece of lingerie: put your body to the spotlight. The elegant design of the white bra draws effortlessly attention to your feminine curves. Combine your stunning bra with a white thong, shorts or briefs and create a heavenly look.

White in the collections of marlies|dekkers

Marlies Dekkers started by designing women bras in only three colors including white. On her blog, she explains why she used to design only black, red, and white lingerie. The white color highlights in an elegant way the careful design of the lingerie.

The Black Tie collection of marlies|dekkers is made of white. The ivory-colored fabric will give you a sensual look. The black tie in the center of your cleavage is a real eye catcher. This detail is the perfect match for business and pleasure, it shows that you are a strong woman.

For an elegant cleavage, choose the white bra from the Dame de Paris collection. The white color makes you shine and draws all eyes on you. Wear a white bra with a matching white thong, shorts or briefs to complete your Parisian look.

Quality for you

We design white bras with a lot of care and love so that wearing your marlies|dekkers lingerie is pure joy. We have chosen to use ivory color instead of white lingerie; so, that your lingerie remains perfect for a longer period.  White lingerie by marlies|dekkers is a mix of elegant and sensual design with a perfect fit. This is the case for all types of white bras: balcony bras, plunge bras, push up bras.

Radiant white on your wedding

A wedding is the perfect opportunity to wear beautiful white lingerie. On your wedding night, you are center of the attention in your sensual ivory lingerie. However, all occasions are good to wear white bra under your classy or casual outfit. Wear a marlies|dekkers bra under a translucent top and show your fierceness.

Buy white bra

Order the easiest way your white bra online via our webshop. If you don’t know your exact size, don’t panic and have a look in our fitting room. We are here to help you find the perfect white bra!