What is a bralette?

A bralette is unpadded and unwired which results in the most comfortable bra of all times. The bralette cups follow the natural shape of the breast. The minimal silhouette and super soft feel turn a bralette into the perfect everyday bra.

Because of the flexible shape, a bralette suits most types of breasts. Bralettes work perfectly under a loose top for a comfortable feel or slightly transparent shirt for a sexy look. You will find the perfect designer bralette for every size at Marlies Dekkers. Even with bigger bra sizes up to F cup, a designer bralette will provide good support. With no padded cups and no wires underneath or inside, the bralette will soon become a favorite! Discover all of our bralettes at our online marlies dekkers shop and find the perfect bra.

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what is a bralette
what is a bralette

Is it okay to just wear a bralette?

Yes of course it is! Some bralettes can also be worn as a top, so innerwear becomes outerwear. Many women enjoy wearing bralettes because of the comfortable fit, but also because of the stylish look. When you wear an elegant bralette as a top, you give your look a sexy touch.

What is the difference between bra and bralette?

A bralette is designed without underwires, so it follows the natural shape of the breasts. Some bralettes come with molded cups, some have soft cups. Bralettes are a mix between a bra and a top. The difference between a bra and a bralette is mainly the wearing comfort. Bralettes can even be comfortable enough to wear to sleep.

Do bralettes work for bigger breasts?

Yes, you can also wear bralettes if you have bigger breasts. A bralette differs from a bra due to the lack of wires, and therefore usually offers less support. But some bralettes are made for larger cup sizes and have extra layers of fabric which give the support you need. Since bralettes follow the natural shape, your breasts will not appear fuller than they are.


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