• 25th anniversary collection space odyssey silver lurex
    25th anniversary collection space odyssey silver lurex
    25th anniversary collection
    space odyssey silver lurex



Women of the world,

I’m absolutely furious, pissed off, mad as hell. I quit. I’m sick of it. Gonna find myself a different job. I’ll be applying for Christmas decoration or something. I don’t want anything to do with you anymore. I’ve watched, mirrored and reflected you for years and years. I’ve showed you yourselves. I’ve caught your gazes, bounced back your doubts like a true pro. I’ve listened to your complaints and collected your tears...

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Dare to shine bright in this sparkling, limited-edition version of my Space Odyssey collection! To mark the silver anniversary of my feminine feminist mission, I reimagined one of my most beloved signature designs in a lush Lurex fabric. The sensual silver hue perfectly matches the sensual straps and spaceship-inspired ornaments. The result? Simply stellar! Wear my Space Odyssey and dare to be a woman on a mission!

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This fabric used for this collection is a beautiful smooth jacquard. Lurex is woven through the fabric which gives it a bit of sparkle. A softener finish will be added to create a soft feel on your body. For an ordinary lingerie symmetry might not something that demands skill but a marlies|dekkers lingerie is not ordinary! A perfect example is the thong, where the graphic design of the back results in straps with different widths and lengths and lots of fixation points, which means extra accuracy is required in construction. All this labor results in this astonishing piece of lingerie. Another example is how the straps come together in the rings on the front of the bra, the straps need to be the exact same size and have to be stitched with great precision.

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