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    € 279,95
    This sensual waspie –a true collector’s item is modeled after the geisha’s obi- it stuns with a multi-coloured patchwork of yukata (summer kimono) fabrics and a sprinkling of hand-sculpted butterflies. An elegant matcha green belt with a folded decoration on the back accentuates your waist and can be embellished with a spectacular butterfly bow. The front of this waspie covers the bellybutton while it's cinched waist makes for a beautiful hour glass shape. A spectacular butterfly bow of artfully folded fabric can be attached to the back of it, in the style of the traditional Japanese obi.
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    plunge balcony bra
    € 229,95
    Channel the seductive side of the Geisha with this exquisite one-of-a-kind balcony bra. A multi-coloured patchwork of yukata (summer kimono) fabrics is tied together with an elegant matcha green obi-inspired bow at the centre of your décolleté. Hand-sculpted butterflies - the traditional Japanese symbol of womanhood and romance - are sprinkled on the cups and straps to give your fantasies wings. This padded plunge balcony bra pleases every type of breast. Padding gives you extra support. Wires enclosing the breasts partly create a modest but sexy cleavage. Choose this shape for a sexy décolleté and a dash of comfort.
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