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    unpadded unwired bralette
    € 99,95 € 79,96

    20% OFF

    20% OFF

    This black bralette is a soft bra without padded and wiring, which feels and looks incredibly sensual on your skin. The bewitching pattern of lines in opulent black jacquard fabric is the real eyecatcher of this bra. With its flexible shape and comfortable fit, this black bralette suits most types of breast. The unpadded cups follow the natural shape of the breast making it a comfortable shape. Channel your inner mistress when you wear this revealing black bralette.
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Shopping bras

Love bra shopping? marlies|dekkers has a gorgeous variety of designer lingerie sure to suit every occasion. You'll push up bras, balconette bras, plunge balconette bras, super push up bras and plunge bras. Each in a range of bra sizes where every woman can find the right bra size. A good bra is often hard to find and sometimes you don't realize that your bra isn't the right fit, until you've tried a marlies|dekkers bra. The bra is one of the most flexible items you'll have in your wardrobe. And not just because you wear them every single day.

Different bra styles

Bras come in many different shapes and forms - each designed to suit and support your breasts with different purpose. A balcony bra will support almost all types of breasts with its ability to create a modest yet sexy cleavage. Push up bras do exactly that, push up your breasts for a very sexy look. A more recent sexy bra, the plunge bra is ideal when you're wearing v-cut or low neck tops. Not only will the bra remain invisible but you'll be supported well.

bra sizes

marlies|dekkers creates handmade bras made with the finest quality materials and with particular attention paid to achieving the perfect fit. Looking for the perfect fitting bra? No problem; our Fitting Room will guide you on which bra is best for your breasts. We also offer a great return policy on all our bra purchases to ensure that you aren't stuck with a bra that isn't quite perfect. Shopping for bras has never been simpler! marlies|dekkers bras are available seasonally or as a staple addition to your lingerie closet. Our signature bra collection is always in stock and is a great selection for your everyday bra needs. Our style collection is seasonal and you’ll be able to purchase your favorite classics with a modern, on trend colour palette. Look forward to shopping lingerie online for a new bra when you’re on marliesdekkers.com!