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Find the best Black Friday lingerie deals at Marlies Dekkers. Now is the best time of the year to shop designer bras, briefs and swimwear with Black Friday discount.
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    balcony bra
    € 83,95
    This black padded balcony bra works for every type of breast. The stunning play of lines adorning the top of the cups refer to the glorious Notre-Dame Cathedral, resulting in a similar gracious and elegant décolleté. Padding gives you extra support. Wires enclosing all of the breasts create a modest cleavage. Choose this shape to get yourself a pair of stylish breasts and comfort.
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    plunge balcony bathing suit
    € 227,95
    Because of customer feedback we would like to give you some tips on how to fit this garment in the best way.<br><br> <b>Prepare to fit:</b><br> 1.Open the fastener on the back.<br> 2.Move the sliders to loosen the straps.<br> 3.Take the crossed panels out of the loops.<br><br> <b>TIP</b>:<br>Cut the yarn loops before you start wearing the bathing suit. They were there to keep the straps in place during transportation.<br><br> <b>How to get the perfect fit:</b><br> 1.Put on the bathing suit and adjust the shoulder straps to your liking. <br> 2.Cross the front panels and make a bow on your back. The tighter the knot, the deeper the decolleté.<br> 3.Play with both the crossed panels on the front and the shoulder straps, especially if the neckline of the cup feels a bit snug or loose.<br> 4.Do you need advice about the fit? Contact us.<br><br> Make the heads of your fellow beach guests turn when you walk by in this gorgeous black bathing suit. The matte black fabric contrasts with a glossy fabric which feels and looks incredibly sensual on your skin. The broad shoulder straps provide extra comfort and the padding supports your breasts. Your buttocks and groin are covered partially. Count on this black padded balcony bathing suit as it is both elegant and sexy.
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Black Friday at Marlies Dekkers

On Black Friday you will find the best lingerie discounts at Marlies Dekkers. Black Friday promotions are only once a year, so make sure you take a look at our Black Friday bras, Black Friday briefs and Black Friday swimwear! Black Friday 2020 offers discount designer lingerie in beautiful styles. Friday November 27th, 2020 is the day of the Marlies Dekkers Black Friday Sale. Marlies Dekkers lingerie offers a timeless combination of luxury and comfort. All lingerie is made from the highest quality fabrics and feels comfortable on your skin. When you wear the perfect bra, you will feel confident! Marlies Dekkers aims to empower women and make them feel their best.

Black Friday lingerie deals

Right after the American holiday of Thanksgiving, Black Friday deals start at Marlies Dekkers. The discount can be applied to specific bras and bottoms. For bras, this can be push up bras, balcony bras, demi bras, bralettes and more bra shapes. Unsure about your bra size or the fit of Marlies Dekkers bras? Take a look at our fitting room! In the fitting room, you find a size guide, different bra shapes and how to care for your lingerie. In the bottoms department, you can choose from sexy thongs to gorgeous briefs and trendy high waisted bottoms to cool Brazilian shorts. You will surely find a beautiful designer lingerie set in the Black Friday discount.

Update your lingerie collection with Black Friday deals!

This Marlies Dekkers sale is the perfect occasion to update your lingerie collection with some sexy and comfy bras and panties. Take a look at our seductive black bras, our beautiful plum lingerie sets and go for a sexy red thong. Lingerie is an important part of every woman’s wardrobe and we strive to offer you the best fitting, most comfortable and very sexy lingerie sets. When you order your lingerie online, you have the luxury of trying all items within the comfort of your own home. If you need more personal help, you can always visit one of our Marlies Dekkers stores or call our Customer Service. We here to help you find your perfect fit!