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    2 cm thong
    US$ 89.00
    Add some dangerously sexy lingerie to your collection with this brown thong. The eye-catching element of this sexy caramel thong is on the back. A golden colored ring and two leather buckles will turn your bum into an erotically charged zone. This sexy G-string suit most body types, with sides measuring 2 cm and revealing the belly. Only the very upper part of the hips and the buttocks are covered. Dare to seduce!
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    8 cm brazilian briefs
    US$ 89.00
    You will not regret adding these hot-blooded, caramel brown briefs to your underwear collection. This shape highlights your figure. Bold, little pockets decorate the back of your bottom, symbolising the female-focused crime movie Femme Fatale. These brown Brazilian briefs have sides measuring 8 cm. Hips and groin are covered partially, while belly and lower part of your buttocks remain exposed. Choose these brown panties for a bum that's covered, but glamorous.
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