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Go for the ultimate elegance with a blue Marlies Dekkers bathing suit. Discover the statement design and phenomenal support by ordering your perfect blue bathing suit online.
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    plunge balcony bathing suit
    US$ 275.00
    This blue ecru bathing suit breathes class and comfort alike. A uniquely striped pattern celebrates your female curves and timeless beauty. Padding gives you extra support. Buttocks and groin are covered partially. Choose this shape for a sexy and classy look with a dash of comfort.
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    plunge balcony bathing suit
    US$ 275.00
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Blue bathing suit

Blue is a great color, because it suits every skin tone! You can find the perfect shade of blue at Marlies Dekkers, whether you are looking for a bright blue bathing suit, dark blue sexy bikini or light blue high waisted bikini briefs. You can easily order your favorite bathing suit online and try the swimwear on at home. This way you can also explore which summer clothes match with your new bathing suit! Try your blue bathing suit on with that cute skirt or go for a sexy look with some leopard print shorts.

Designer swimwear

At the beach or at the swimming pool, you surely want to look an feel your best. To do so, your swimwear needs to have the perfect fit! At Marlies Dekkers, you find Designer swimwear from B cup up to F cup. If you do not know which size you should choose for your bathing suit, take a look at our online swimwear fitting room. In the fitting room, we answer all your questions about swimwear sizing, different shapes and how to take care of your swimwear.

Order swimwear online

At Marlies Dekkers, we use eco-friendly materials and discrete packaging when we ship your order. If you have any questions regarding the online order process, take a look at our most frequently asked questions page. Here you find all the information you need on shipping, our return policy and how to exchange your order.