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My Peekaboo lingerie with sheer fabrics and playful cut-outs will add some extra 'va-va-voom' to your designer lingerie collection!
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    8 cm brazilian briefs
    € 49,95
    Very fashionable bottoms that suit all body types, with sides measuring 8 cm, partially covering the hip and groin area, while leaving both the belly and the lower part of the buttocks exposed.
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My Peekaboo lingerie collection is made of a trendy sheer fabric, which makes it very sexy lingerie. I adorned the top of the cups with flirty trims and added satin bows as a sweet detail. You can choose from classic black or sexy leopard print, or maybe both! This collection features the most comfortable and softest bra that you’ll wear every day. In this peek a boo collection you find a push up bra, a balconette bra, an unpadded bra, a body, a thong, briefs and a gartner belt.

Unpadded bra

This collection features a special new shape: the unpadded bra. This Peek a boo bra is specifically designed for a bigger cup size ranging covering D cup, E cup and F cup. The unpadded cups offer a comfy fit, but still gives you the right amount of support. This balcony bra without padding.

Designer lingerie

Marlies Dekker is a Dutch bra designer and her mission is to empower women through her lingerie.