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The perfect bra makes you feel confident and sexy. Wearing the right lingerie makes your silhouette look much more beautiful and it also feels incredibly comfortable! Finding the best bra size can be quite a challenge. Therefore, we created the online fitting room to help you find the perfect fitting bra. Have you already found your correct bra size, but are you looking for tips about the bra shape, bra cup size and panties shape or how to take care of your lingerie? Our online lingerie and swimwear fitting room is the right place to be.

Our Fitting Room

What's your bra size? Along with most other women, you probably have numerous lingerie sets in your wardrobe – and they are all different sizes! Did you also know that your breasts most likely change bra size every couple of years? So that bra you’ve been holding onto for the past 10 years probably isn’t doing the job it was purchased for. In combination with the general wear and tear of all lingerie items, the marlies|dekkers team are concerned that your bra isn’t the right fitting one anymore. To solve this problem, we have developed an online fitting room that offers you lots of advice, knowledge and the answers on how to measure your bust.

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Measuring your breasts is important when shopping for lingerie and bras online, so let us help you choose the correct size the first time around! Our fitting room features a measurement guide video which outlines the correct areas to measure to ensure you get the perfect fit! We also provide a bra size calculator which allows you to compare and determine your bra size in many international sizing charts.

Find your shape

Additionally, because marlies|dekkers cares a great deal about the perfect bra shape for your body type we have a Find Your Perfect Shape tool. This tool asks you a series of questions, ultimately determining whether you should be wearing a push up bra, extreme push up bra, balconette bra or plunge bra! Your breasts will never looked as great! For those of you unfamiliar with the different styles and shapes of bras we have great information on the differences and how you can move up and down in both cup and band width sizing without compromising on comfort! Still unsure if you need to buy new lingerie? We have information on the symptoms of a bad fitting bra and then the solutions for how to fix this. Whether it simply means adjusting the shoulder or back straps or buying a new bra, you can trust the fitting room information provided by marlies|dekkers.