space odyssey shimmering peach

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Add some glamour to your lingerie wardrobe with the Space Odyssey collection in shimmery peach. Shop your glitter bra online at Marlies Dekkers.
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    push up bra
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    30% OFF

    Add some color to your lingerie collection with this gorgeous coral push up bra. Sexy meets stylish in a peach colored fabric with a subtle shine. To complement the ultra flattering design, gold lurex stripes are added on the bindings and straps. Padding gives you extra support and small cushions combined with closely fitted wires give you a dazzlingly deep cleavage. Radiate star quality in this coral push up bra with spaceship inspired ornaments.
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Space Odyssey

This Summer season, I created a special Space Odyssey collection. The beautiful peach colored fabric is enriched with gold lurex. The delicate spaceship-inspired ornaments are added to the push up bra and balcony bra, to frame your curves. The thong and briefs are also designed with sensual straps. This wearable color is perfect under a light summer dress or cute, white blouse. The peachy color might not be visible under your clothes or just add a slight hint of glitter to your outfit. Wear these super soft and comfortable lingerie items and radiate star quality!

Designer lingerie

Luxurious lingerie makes you look your best and will also make you feel your best! Marlies Dekkers lingerie is meant to fit like a glove. So we offer a wide variety of bra shapes and cup sizes to make sure you can find the perfect bra for your breast shape and size. Marlies Dekkers is a Dutch lingerie designer, with many years of experience in bra fitting. Her designer lingerie can be worn from casual to sexy. Looking for comfort? You found the right lingerie shop! Every Marlies Dekkers item is designed to be comfortable with smooth seams, the right support and the perfect cut. Shop your designer lingerie online at Marlies Dekkers.

Shimmery lingerie

Add some extra glamour to your wardrobe with a glittery lingerie set. Marlies Dekkers bras are super comfortable and lightweight, but never boring! The peachy glitter of the Space Odyssey is amazing for this spring and summer. You can keep your glitter lingerie to yourself as a little secret or wear your innerwear as outerwear! Let the cool straps peak above your shirt for a sexy look. Looking for more shimmering bras and bottoms? Take a look at the light blue Petit Point with silver dots! The pastel colors in combination with glitter is all you need this summer.