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Shop Cyber Monday lingerie and swimwear with spectacular discounts. Discover the great Cyber Monday deals in designer lingerie and swimwear at Marlies Dekkers.
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    plunge balcony bra
    A$ 180,00 A$ 90,00

    50% OFF

    50% OFF

    This black padded plunge balcony bra pleases almost every type of breasts. The lovely little round-shaped details refer to the power of women united. Padding gives you extra support. Wires enclosing the breasts partly create a modest but sexy cleavage. Choose this shape for a sexy décolleté and a dash of comfort.
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  • 24 hrs only
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    12 cm brazilian shorts
    A$ 100,00 A$ 50,00

    50% OFF

    50% OFF

    These black Brazilian shorts have sides measuring 12 cm. The lovely little round-shaped details refer to the power of women united. Most of the hip and groin are covered. Belly and lower part of your buttocks however remain exposed. Choose this bottom to get yourself an oh so sexy pair of shorts.
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Cyber Monday at Marlies Dekkers

On Monday 30 November, Cyber Monday 2020 will start at Marlies Dekkers. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday and the American holiday Thanksgiving. This day is filled with great discount and amazing deals at Marlies Dekkers. Cyber Monday is a online discount party which originated from the United States, but has now spread to Europe as well. The Dutch lingerie designer Marlies Dekkers also joins the discount party with price reductions and sale on bras, briefs and swimwear. Cyber Monday only lasts one day, so be sure to have a look at our lingerie with the perfect fit.

Cyber Monday Deals

The difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is that Black Friday deals can be found online and offline, whereas Cyber Monday discounts are only online. This year, Cyber Monday will be on Monday 30th November 2020. At Marlies Dekkers, you can buy designer lingerie with the perfect fit. Lingerie is an important part of every woman’s wardrobe, because it is the basis of your whole outfit. A gorgeous lingerie set will make you feel confident and beautiful, which makes you look your best. The type of bra which suits you best depends on what you are looking for. At Marlies Dekkers, you can find balcony bras, push up bras, bralettes and more. Would you like to know what type of bra is best for daily use? Take a look at our fitting room where explain every style of bra.

Cyber Monday discount on designer lingerie

Purchasing designer lingerie is a lovely way to treat yourself or your partner of course! The perfect bra is an amazing gift, because it will change how you feel and how your clothing fits. The right lingerie frames your curves in a beautiful way and will never cause irritations on your skin. The highest quality fabrics and designer details give you that extra luxurious feeling. With the holiday around the corner, now is the time to spoil yourself a bit. Christmas and New Years Eve ask for a glamourous look and that starts with the right lingerie set.