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    plunge balcony body
    A$ 405,00
    Release your inner Lioness with this dark grey plunge balcony body. The exquisite fabric is made from recycled microfiber and has a printed black lace pattern on top. How sexy are the leather shoulder straps with metal buckles? Flirty trimmed edges on top of the cups subtly highlight your cleavage. The cups of this grey body are padded and wired for extra support and create a modest cleavage. The lower part of your bottom remains visible thanks to the butterfly briefs shape. Explore the idea of innerwear as outerwear and wear this body underneath a sheer blouse or blazer. Own the scene, pirate queen!
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    plunge balcony body
    A$ 365,00

    This plunge balcony body gets you in the mood for a game of Peekaboo. Luxurious, sheer leopard print, playful cutouts and sweet satin bows details on the back. This leopard print body features flirty trim straps that highlight your subtle cleavage. Explore the idea of innerwear as outerwear and wear this body on a night out. An ultra flattering silhouette that will make you want to take a walk on the wild side!
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  • Signature
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    plunge balcony body
    A$ 325,00

    This black body rocks your body! The powerful pinstripes and macho suspender straps refer to the first female gangster movie "Gloria". Padding gives you extra support. Wires enclosing all of the breasts create a modest cleavage. Choose this body for a snug shape, a sexy décolleté and a dash of comfort.
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    unpadded unwired body top
    A$ 345,00

    Wear this unwired black body and create a magical illusion. It has a transparent, edgy pattern of lines and a V-neck silhouette for a seriously sexy look. The top of this sexy black body has a comfortable shape and loose fit. This fashionable garment has endless styling possibilities. Combine it with your favorite jeans and blazer or wear it to seduce yourself.
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    body top
    A$ 265,00

    The top of this spectacular beige body has a comfortable shape and loose fit. Because of the relaxed fit, this body is perfect to wear on top of a black jeans. The slightly transparent mesh fabric with hieroglyph-like symbols covers your belly and back. The groin area and your buttocks are partially covered. Choose this beautiful beige body with gold colored details and create endless styling options!
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    plunge balcony body
    A$ 545,00

    Step into the shoes of Queen Cleopatra when wearing this multi colored body. This edgy piece has shimmering panels in 5 different colors, inspired by the sacred symbol of hope and rebirth: the scarab beetle. The bold geometric motif frames your curves in the most beautiful way. The shoulder straps are enriched with golden lurex, creating a fabulous finishing touch. The cups are padded and wired for extra support and a modest cleavage. Wear this colorful body to conquer the scene!
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You may think you are familiar with the full range of marlies|dekkers women’s lingerie but we offer more than just beautiful bras, bottoms, bikinis and bathing suits. Check out our range of lingerie bodysuits for your most seductive look yet. Beautifully cut and made of the finest quality materials, our sexy bodysuits are designed to last and make you look and feel your best, whatever the occasion. Available in black in our Signature Collection or in a variety of brighter colours in our Style Collection, you are sure to find something you love. Create smooth, sensual lines by wearing one of our sexy bodysuits. Discreet enough to remain invisible under a tight fitting outfit, yet beautifully cut to make an impact.

Bodysuits for every woman

Our sexy bodysuits are designed to enhance your curves without sacrificing on comfort. They are the perfect choice for any occasion and add a touch of glamour whenever you choose to wear them. Unleash your wild side with the Calamity Jane collection in blue jeans with playful buttons or opt for extra padding and support with the elegant black tie plunge balcony body. Whatever your shape or style, marlies|dekkers has just the right bodysuit for you.

Buying your bodysuit online

Our lingerie bodysuits really are something special. Choose from our Couture Collection with designs based on our seasonal theme which are limited edition or something extra glamourous from our Signature Collection which is available all year round. Make sure you get your Couture basques from our online shop quickly before they sell out. It’s so easy to buy from our website thanks to our Fitting Room and there’s even a bra size calculator to ensure you get the perfect fit, wherever you’re buying from. And while you’re buying one of our sexy bodysuits, why not complete the look with stockings and suspenders? With a 9 month warranty on all our lingerie, you can make your purchases sure of great quality and design. Check out the full range of beautiful lingerie on our website, including the fabulous new arrivals. Look and feel your very best with marlies|dekkers, combining the perfect fit with amazing comfort all day long.