What is a push up bra?

A push up bra is designed to lift the breasts up and enhance your cleavage. With closely fitted wires and comfortable padding, push-up bras lift the bust upward and towards the center of the chest. Your breasts will appear fuller because of the small cushions in the cups.

Push up bras are half or demi cups that allow the deep cleavage to show under low necklines, for example a sexy summer dress. Push up bras are perfect for small breasts. If you have a bigger cup size, a plunge bra might suit you better.

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what is a push up bra
what is a push up bra

What is the difference between push up bra and normal bra?

A push up bra is designed to make your breasts appear bigger. If you consider a balcony bra or demi bra as a normal bra, the difference is the extra padding. The push up bra has extra padding inside the cups and a normal bra does not. The padding and the closely fitted wires lift your boobs up and to the middle of your chest. This results is a full and sexy cleavage.

Who can wear a push up bra?

Anyone can wear a push up bra and you can find this shape in a large variety of cup sizes. Push up bras are great when you have a smaller cup size, but want the effect of a fuller chest. Push up bra are meant to maximize your cup size and mostly available in smaller sizes. If you have a larger cup size, you can opt for a plunge bra.

Can I wear a push up bra daily?

Yes, wearing a push up bra is just like wearing any other padded bra. The only difference is the extra padding in the cups, but you can definitely wear your favorite push up bra every day. As long as you feel good and the bra is comfortable, a push up bra is the perfect everyday bra.


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