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Balcony bikini tops

2 items
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  • plunge balcony bikini top
    € 129,95
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    This beautiful yellow plunge balcony bikini top puts your breasts in the spotlight. The Italian jacquard fabric gives this collection its distinctive look. The fabulous bow at the center of the bikini top is the real eyecatcher. Stylish interlocking rings were added to the straps to give this top its finishing touch. The padding in the bikini cups provides you with extra support, while the wires enclose your breasts partially and create a deep décolleté. Treat yourself to this vibrant yellow bikini top.
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  • plunge balcony bikini top
    € 119,95
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    This colorful plunge balcony bikini top gives you the ultimate summer feeling. The fabric comes in a mesmerizing flower print and together with the gold color chains make your skin glow. The padding gives you extra support, whilst wires partially enclose your breasts and create a modest but alluring décolleté. You are ready to hit the beach in this gorgeous flower print bikini top.
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