"This spectacular Couture Collection is my homage to photographer Lee Miller's sensual beauty and brave, rebellious heart. To capture her essence, I combined an ultrafeminine design with a dapper tartan pattern which was printed digitally onto smooth, recycled microfiber fabric. The coquettish fringe and a-symmetrical skirt refer to Lee's flirty side; the robust buckles and shiny chains symbolize her warrior soul. Pour yourself into this formidable, formfitting set and feel Lee Miller's untamable spirit come alive inside you. Dare to defy all labels. Dare to be YOU!"

- Marlies Dekkers

FW22 couture collection Arasaid
FW22 couture collection Arasaid
its all about the details Arasaid FW22
its all about the details Arasaid FW22


The shapes in this collection are crafted from a recycled polyamide fabric with digital prints. By printing digitally, we save 50-60 liters of water per meter of fabric.

couture collection Gaia SS22


The Arasaid corset with playful fringe offers the ultimate 'innerwear as outerwear' experience. Wear this showstopping piece to make a grand entrance!

couture collection Gaia SS22


Carefully placed printed pins and chains add some more fierceness to the collection.

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couture collection Gaia SS22
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FW22 couture collection arasaid

Who was Lee Miller? The multitalented icon and artist was many different things to many different people, but I like to see her as a 20th-century renaissance woman who did everything with a burning passion and a bright, rebellious soul. The personification of the word 'ballsy'. And, like the Scottish Highland rebels who used to proudly wear their outlawed tartan, a fighter for freedom. The freedom to follow her dreams, the freedom to be.

A symbol of both rebellion and sophistication, tartan represents Lee's character and life like no other fabric. The way the model/photographer/journalist wove together all the different strands of her life is mirrored in the variety of colored bands that make up the pattern of tartan. Blurring the boundaries between forms of expression - from art and sex to photography and gastronomy - Lee created new genres such as Surrealist cuisine and artistic war journalism, reminding me very much of how the crisscrossed colors in a tartan weave create beautiful new shades.

This collection's combination of an ultrafeminine design with a robust fabric is my homage to Lee's graceful beauty and tough, rebellious spirit, so perfectly visualized by 'that' picture of her in Hitler's bathtub: Lee's sensual undressed shape contrasting with her boots, covered in mud from her visit to the Dachau concentration camp. A badass bathing beauty and the unforgettable embodiment of my motto 'dare to dream, dare to grow, dare to be'.

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The Arasaid Couture collection has a mix of five (!) unique, in-house designed prints. Two allover prints create the beautiful wool-boucle effect, while three detailed placement prints of pins and chains add some sass to the collection. Placement prints allow for details to be placed at the perfect spot; a very precise job that requires extreme accuracy. The collection is crafted from recycled polyamide fabric and all printing is done digitally, which saves 50-60 litres of water per meter, making the Arasaid collection a treat for both your curves and your conscience! Gold-colored chains above the cups frame your curves and add a fierce finishing touch. Wear the Arasaid corset for the ultimate 'innerwear as outerwear' experience; just add pants or a skirt underneath the playful fringe and you are good to go!

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